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Past Client Experiences

What They’re Saying

Thank you for "Return to Self" Sariel!  You are such a beautiful soul , I had a heart-centered and divine coaching experience!

I honor you for sharing so much of your heart, wisdom, groundedness and centeredness. You truly are a master coach and group facilitator, and those who get to work with you are lucky indeed!

Thank you for all the gifts that you shared. You are amazing!

​Joseph Bennett

Sariel is a "people whisperer"! I never thought that a daily Zoom call with strangers could be so intimate, but through Sariel's gentle guidance and in a safe space, even in a digital format, these strangers soon become trusted friends.

"Return to Self' was a 21-day introspection exercise for me. I learned the magic art of tapping to release stress and this enabled me to focus deeply on ingrained habits and auto-pilotisms that were no longer serving me. I highly recommend this course.

​DB Denver CO 

Sariel is loving, playful, professional and down to earth. He is committed to each person getting exactly what they want out of this course. "Return to self" is a smaller group which allows for a safe and intimate sharing and growing together. You will learn practical methods that can be used daily to clear your space, honor your inner child and attract what you want into your life.

I am committed to and attracting to my life the husband of my dreams. I have discovered areas where I have been blocking my results. Now I am attracting some great guys and have been on some amazing dates.

I am excited to get out and meet guys and also comfortable noticing when guys are not a match and move on.

Thanks so much, Sariel.

Jason Winfrey KS​

Jason Winfrey   KS

I had the exceptional opportunity to participate in Sariel’s course a couple of months ago. I wasn’t interested in another dating workshop but I was intrigued by comments made by friends that had done the work with Sariel.

My friends all commented in variations of what they learned about themselves in the workshop and how it opened up areas in their life that they felt stagnant within. These are all friends that I know are engaged in personal growth and development and they all got something out of a dating workshop??

So I checked it out. Two days, follow-up coaching for a couple of months, and very reasonably priced.

Well, I have to say, it was not what I expected…in a pleasant way.

We got a lot of tools for altering our approach to attraction to my desired Mr. Right. I left feeling like I had identified some of my “stops” to dating and some of the patterns I had developed that just weren’t working.

What I have noticed is that my life seems to have an ease about it that hadn’t existed. My business and my personal life are thriving. I am getting a lot done but it feels easy. And I am meeting eligible Mr. Right’s in my daily interactions.

I highly recommend working with Sariel


Sariel has a way of listening that allows him to be very intuitive in guiding the sessions.  His gentle guiding nature creates an atmosphere where I felt open and safe bringing some of my personal issues up and moving them through the tapping process.  I really found something while tapping once in a while but being committed for a month, with guidance, really showed me what is possible in disappearing limits and raising my vibe.


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