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Sariel Beckenstein is a Certified Life Coach and EFT Master Practitioner

Years after earning a degree in business, I became a life coach because I am committed to
supporting people to get the best of themselves, be able to manifest anything they would like to attract to their life, from the love of their dreams, attracting their best career, being financially free, losing weight, or gaining confidence.

Sariel Created the Course "Return To Self” and was highly influenced from the various modalities he studied. 

“Rubenfeld Synergy” (A body-mind integration that integrates Gestalt therapy and body modalities like Alexander technique). 

Law of Attraction

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique (A tapping method)
Sariel has led His courses since 2008 in the USA(coast to coast), Canada, Europe, and Israel.

Now leading on Zoom.

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